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The site features a mixture of articles, essays, diary entries and anecdotes, from twenty three years of travels and holidays. Travel Tales And More aims to mix the joy of travel with the craft of writing and the pleasure of reading. Most items are long-form narratives, usually magazine-article length. Some are longer. Our aim is to tell stories, through what we hope are entertaining and amusing chronicles of one of life’s most enriching activities, travel.

So as much as we love them we’re not Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor. We’re not into up-to-the-minute bus timetables, hotel recommendations or top-ten lists.

Travel Tales And More is split into a number of distinct sections:

Travel Tales are magazine length pieces documenting trips to various parts of the world.

Sleeping for England are the backpacking diaries from eighteen months spent in Asia and Australia in 1993-1995.

From Kilimanjaro To Kinabalu contains the opening chapters of a book chronicling trips to notable mountains such as Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo, and a few other less notable ones in between.

– And Photo Galleries are miscellaneous pictures that don’t necessarily fit into the narratives.

More content will be added to each section in due course.

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